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Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence is the beach of the duty owed by the doctors towards the patients to exercise reasonable degree of care and skill which results in some physical,mental& financial disability or loss.Hence it is the civil or criminal mistake(error) arising out of the contract between doctor and patient relationship.As per Charles Worth ' negligence is a tort which involves a person breach of duty that is imposed upon him to take care resulting in damage to the complainants,'

Complaint against Not?

  • Where free service to all patients
  • Where token registration charge is being taken
  • Even the donation would not constitute fee
  • Not against the heirs of the doctors

Complaint against Whom?

  • All the Medical Practitioners
  • All Private of Trust Hospitals,NursingHomes and Polyclinics
  • All Government Hospitals and Doctors,if charged.
  • All Laboratories,Blood Banks,X-Ray Clinics and Diagnostics Centres

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