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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The Medical Profession is today exposed to high risks from patients filling legal claims Patients today are aware of their rights and also with Consumer Forums being increasing more active ,such legal claims are the last thing any doctor would want to experience .It is more desirable for a doctor or a hospital to have a full insurance cover in present era.It is the best defence and also gives mental prace over and above financial relief .This policy has been framed for the doctors,hospitals,Nursing homes,Diagnostics centres,etc.and it indemnify the errors,omission or negligence committed by the doctors and para-medical staffs.The society takes liability for "policy period" only.

The policy does not cover the liability arising out of the following nature of cases:-
  • Any Criminal Act,or any act,committed in violation of an law,eg. Organ Transplantation Act,etc.
  • Service rendered while under the influences of intoxicants or narcotics,etc.
  • The use of drugs for weight reductions,etc.

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